Life Empowered is living on purpose.

It is making good choices on purpose that bring you closer to your desired outcome. All people have a purpose that God intended for their life. He also gave us the gift of choice. It is every individual's responsibility to recognize and fulfill God's purpose for their life. That sounds so difficult to so many people but God didn't make it so difficult. Finding your purpose has to do with recognizing who God created you to be. Literally it is learning to recognize yourself; to recognize the image of God in you, recognize who God created you to be. Realize that you are already here. You already have all the elements of what you need to be successful. God created you on purpose. He fashioned you in such a way that you would have what you need to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Life Empowered is a choice. God has given us the gift of choice. He also gives us mercy and His grace. He said in His word that we could accomplish "all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us". God empowers us to make righteous decisions and stand by them. He empowers us to answer His call and follow Him. Living Life Empowered is taking the life you already have, recognizing your strengths and challenges, and through the grace of God, making deliberate choices day by day that will move you closer to the tangible blessings and experiences God intended for you all along. Greg and Melanie Brondo are the founders of Life Empowered Ministries. It is their desire that you live your Life Empowered.