Worship Empowered

 Worship Empowered is a unique experience of body, soul, and spirit worship.  This teaching focuses on interacting with God instead of all around. The goal is to enter into His presence and sit at His feet.  We learn to show our affection for God by seeking His face and not His hand. We honor Him by spending time with Him. We give Him all the honor and all the glory.

Worship Empowered is presented in differently for different applications:
  • For the worship team the addition of musical instruction ranges from instrumentation to vocals to song order and flow of the worship service.  This instruction can go along with the demonstration of different styles of worship, not different genres of music but more emphasis on different approaches to encourage your audience to join you in your pursuit of intimacy with God.
  • For the congregation, this program is usually presented as a worship service with inspiration and impartation sprinkled throughout the program resulting in the empowering of the individuals as stronger and more effective worshipers.  The very atmosphere changes in a congregation as each additional individual targets their focus on God.
Both applications can be presented as a one day workshop, a multi day conference or a series.  Many organizations choose to allow the worship team to experience Worship Empowered in the days preceding the congregation's program.